Thursday, May 31, 2012

Happy Summer!

Summer break started earlier this week. I've seen so many great ideas for posting a seasonal to-do list. When we were at the store today, I found a record album frame. I put a piece of 12X12 paper inside & started making our summer to-do list with the kids. They had lots of great ideas.  However, they don't always want to do those great ideas at the same time. Timing can cause problems. Let's think of a hypothetical.  Let's say you really wanted to have a dance party and your sisters agreed & then changed their mind before the first song was over. Would you have a scowl on your face?

1 comment:

Poozoe said...

classic photo!
And Ella looks so OLD.
Great idea for the list! I need to do the same with Tia.
MISS YOU! xoxo