Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Home Sweet Home

I don't feel like we ever quite finished moving into our house here. 

I certainly never started finished decorating so I never got around to posting photos.

Nick added the chandelier in the dining room for me. I think it looks great.

Never quite got the wall display up in our bedroom as I anticipated.

As silly as it sounds, I learned to appreciate having a crazy big bathroom. It was a gathering place for the family so it was nice that the space was large enough to accommodate 5 people.

Paint on the walls

and curtains are a priority when we move!

The house has never looked so good!

We only used the fire pit once. We bought it before we realized how crazy the winds are here.


shauna said...

Your house is gorgeous Krista and decorated so beautifully. Truly amazing! It inspires me to get my own house in order! Blessings!

Poozoe said...

So lovely! I know the next one will be just as much so! xoxo