Monday, June 18, 2012

Big Dog

Charlie has been referring to Nick as "the Big Dog." I think it's a golf reference, but in any event, the kids were all happy the big dog made it home this weekend.  Friday night, we hit Madagascar 3 with some friends, listened to "Call me maybe" about 72 times and hunkered down for the kids last sleepover with their New Mexico friends.

After pancakes, we started getting ready for our last hurrah in New Mexico (everyone but us is traveling over the 4th of July this year).
I was on a roll taking photos before our party. 
These margaritas were a huge hit camping, but never got cracked Saturday night. We used up all the frozen seafood in our freezer with fish tacos with chipotle cream. 
The kids had been so excited about Father's Day & had the whole morning planned for Nick.  Sunday morning, my little sleepy heads had a hard time getting up. Charlie declared that he had already done enough surprises for Nick & stayed home.

But, the girls did the coffee run with me & picked out some balloons for Nick. 

We had a quick dip in the neighbors beautiful new pool before Nick flew back to Denver. This weekend, the kids & I are heading up to check out the new digs & swim in the pool at Nick's apartment.

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Poozoe said...

I love how content and smushy sleepy everyone looks in these photos. Have fun seeing the new house!!