Sunday, June 10, 2012

Summer weekend

The kids had a great first week of camp.  Ella is especially loving her math class (yeah!), song lyric class & ceramics class. I got back in town mid-week so we've just about figured out our new routine.
The twins gave me a great explanation about how they learned that "LIFE IS NOT FAIR" in camp. It was very philosophical.  I love when the twins tag team stories. Greta starts out with great gusto & then quickly forgets what she was talking about. She looks to Charlie who steps in & recites what the teacher said in his monotonous (but detailed) manner. I knew that their statement that LIFE IS NOT FAIR would not equate to acceptance when confronted with this reality.

There are lots of little bunnies everywhere which would be a good thing except I'm worried that soon we will see less bunnies & more happy coyotes & foxes. As a reward for excellent behavior this week, we hit Michael's on Friday afternoon to pick up a sewing kit for Ella, stick on "earrings" for Greta and a mini basketball hoop for Charlie. Amazing how far $10 will go at this age.

Saturday morning, we dined al fresco, played some soccer, worked on some surprises & then Greta & Ella were invited for a playdate. They made good use of an easy bake oven (they named their creations above). I was very surprised that Charlie did not remember that LIFE IS NOT FAIR and was a little peeved & declared that he wasn't going to have any fun at all. I suggested numerous options for playdates but he was not interested.

When I asked if he wanted to ride his bike at the park he sounded intrigued.  He was thrilled that he was able to lap me so often (for the record, I was not on a bike). He loved being able to lap me. While Charlie was riding, Nick hit the trails too. He rode 30 miles & then complained how out of shape he was. I hope to be that much out of shape one day too.

It was a hot day so we hit Dairy Queen on the way home for Charlie. He lost his first tooth last week. I'm a bit behind sharing all of our adventures.

We met up with the girls for a few hours of swimming then came home, ate dinner, took baths & started reading the Chronicles of Narnia. If I read 30 pages a night, I still won't be done before we move. But, the kids are loving it and I am loving getting back into a calming nightly routine.

I've been swamped at work & had to work most of Sunday. The kids were great. They played in the backyard for a long time. When they started getting antsy, we ran an errand, picked up a movie & hit the park until it was time to get home for an appointment.
Movie time, outdoor lunch, water gun fight (with clothes on to make it more fun). The kids were ready for another activity about the time that I was wrapping up my project.

We decided a picnic at the park was just what we needed to wrap up our weekend.

I showed Nick the weird looking horned lizard we saw at the park (you are looking at the back of his legs he gets five stars for his camouflage).

Nick couldn't resist sharing the weird creatures he saw while out on his bike ride tonight. Five weeks & counting until the move. In the meantime, we are looking forward to having Nick home next weekend.

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