Sunday, July 08, 2012

Last Weekend in the Q

Ella asked to go jogging with me this weekend. It was like trying to keep up with a puppy. She has committed to jogging every Saturday with me. It was certainly more fun than going alone. And, Ella gets bonus points for taking Greta on a jog through the neighborhood when she got home (Greta was feeling left out, but she only likes the idea of running).

In between dismantling various parts of the house, we had an early birthday party for the twins. Greta was too short to be in the bumper boats by herself, so I spent the party looking like the right side of my body had gone swimming. But, Greta declared it the best birthday ever, so it was worth it. A little pre-party swimming at the neighbors & it was time for the 4th of July BBQ block party.

The kids were up way too late & became very crabby. Greta declared it the worst fake birthday ever.

I never thought I would say this, but I will miss the ubiquitous green chile.

Nick requested a little ice cream stop before heading to the airport. We were so busy today. But, the to do list doesn't seem to be getting any shorter. So many mixed emotions this week. It's hard to say goodbye to our friends, but I know I am ready for the anticipation of the move to be behind us.

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