Thursday, July 05, 2012

Mid Week Highlight

So, the mid week holiday was a bit weird. It felt like Saturday most of the day. Until, of course, the kids had to go to sleep before the fireworks & the cruel reality of Thursday came to light.

The neighborhood parade is a tremendously exciting part of our ABQ holiday tradition. It took some time, but we have really enjoyed getting to know several of our neighbors.

And, while Nick enjoyed his holiday festivities with the new neighbors, it won't be the same (don't you love how people without kids get out their chairs to watch the 'parade' come by).

The girls spend so much time running back & forth between our two houses. 

These two partners in crime are especially cute together. Trying to keep up with their big sisters.
With a flat tire & a concussion, Greta could neither bike nor run in the parade. So her bestie power walked beside her. 
Our day was filled with time at the park, a new pancake recipe, the parade & follow up playmates (even my little homebody Charlie agreed to play with another child), lunch on the veranda (i.e., the front porch), picking out our recipes for the 4th of July neighborhood BBQ this weekend & several hours of swimming at the neighbors. Eight days and counting in New Mexico. I'm ready to be done moving (and we haven't even started).

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Poozoe said...

How did Greta get a concussion??? scary!