Monday, October 29, 2012

La Jolla (Part II)

We really enjoyed our walking tour in La Jolla.

 I think we discovered where Dr. Seuss found his inspiration for crazy trees.
I think I could get used to California living.
The cormorants were pretty {but stinky} against the cliffs.

The harbor seals looked so cuddly.

They looked like dogs getting some sun.

If I had a beach ball, I would have tossed it to him. 

Our timing wasn't right to visit the cave & shop on this visit. It leaves us something to do next time.

Not the place to park your car.

I think Rocky would have loved the barking seals. 

It's amazing to think these caves are within a 75 million year old sandstone cliff. These were popular cliffs for smugglers (of both people & alcohol).

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