Thursday, December 20, 2012

Here & Now

savoring the red velvet cake and flowers the kids gave me on my birthday
corralling the over the top energy from the kids & dog about the upcoming excitement
seeking (unsuccessfully) the lovely in the dusting of snow & freezing weather that has come to town
anticipating  new projects I have planned for January
enjoying the advent calendar activities this year
assembling some more meaningful plans for next Christmas
wrapping up too many work projects while thinking about the other wrapping that needs to be done
scouring for some new year resolution forms for the kiddos
compiling the super-long grocery list for Saturday morning
cleaning less than I should be
collecting an abundance of gorgeous holiday cards
counting the days until the arrival of family

lamenting the tenacity of the bug that has been passed around the family and is lingering with me

evaluating whether I need a new email address as I have had no access to my current account since Monday.

Ready for some serenity and calm next week.

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