Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Graffiti Run - Denver, CO

We decided to run a 5K last weekend. I told the kids to make sure to keep their shirts sparkling clean.
They didn't listen.
Nick had to bend down to get in on the action.
We were joined by 10,000 of our closest friends for the Graffiti Run.  Unfortunately, we unknowingly passed the start of the race & got behind all of them. It was a long crawl to the starting line.
Can you guess which picture of the crowd I took & which one is from Nick?
The Graffiti Run, like many others out there, is all about getting colorful.
The kids loved that.
The running part? Well,  . . . 
Despite the fact that the kids run like crazy all day, they made it about 10 feet before complaining of tired legs. I was actually getting a little concerned because I have signed them up for track camp this summer.
We were a little underwhelmed by the race itself. The kids were hoping there were more spray stations.

I know these photos are a little off. I used a new protective case & I'm still working out the kinks. I probably could have used a ziploc bag for this run to protect my camera & saved this case for pool time.

The only thing more off than my photos is the video I took (and this is with youtube's stabilizer).
If I were to rate this race, I would give it a 7 out of 10. It loses points for too many people, not enough race course fun stuff, a ridiculously long wait to get to the starting line and a congested race course.
But, the race gains points for letting everyone get dirty & have fun. And, if you are wondering why Greta is grumpy, you would be too if your legs were as tired as hers.

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