Monday, May 13, 2013

Dallas, Texas

Welcome to the crazy season. The next few months are jam packed with adventures. The first up was a work trip to Dallas.

I started off spending a few fun-filled hours with my friend Monica. I only managed to catch a pic of their cute new addition. Any thoughts on his lineage? He's the size of a very large lab & doesn't sit still for photos - look at that tail wagging like crazy.

The conference was in Dallas. We spent a lot of time inside hotels and convention centers. But, we got a sneak peak at the Dallas Art Museum. I hope the Chagall exhibit comes to Denver - it was closed during our reception.

We went to the wrong reception at one point but still managed to snap a pic from the 48th floor before heading out.

When we come back to town with the kids, I would visit the Dallas World Aquarium.

Part aquarium/zoo/aviary, the kids would have fun exploring the facility.

I think we should have adopted a sloth rather than a puppy.

There were no sign near these guys, but who knew penguins would be happy living in the Texas sun?

We had a big weekend adventure & Nick is getting ready to head out for his work trip this week.

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Poozoe said...

Chagall is my absolute favorite artist. If the exhibit goes to Denver I am THERE! Looks like a great conference trip. We're so excited to see you soon!