Monday, May 20, 2013

On the Horizon

We've been running in so many different directions.
I'm trying to stay on top of copious emails directing me to take the kids every which way.
I'm up late worrying about managing our summer schedule & whether I have received/returned all the necessary camp forms.
The last week of school is here & the pool opens this weekend.
After Charlie failed to bring a sweatshirt camping & Greta forgot to pack a short-sleeved shirt, I'm creating packing lists for the kids for various trips this summer.
Just as I am ready to slow down for summer, work has heated up.
As we approach 10 months in the house, I'm starting to make a list of those pesky house projects that have been on my "to-do" list since we moved in.
With a couple of longer trips this summer, I'm trying to find open play boarding options for Rocky (which means a tryout & coordinating his immunization records).
 We have two long road trips coming up so I've been scouring suggested reading lists for the kids (my sister & I were/are voracious readers, how did I not end up with one bookworm?)
I'm not happy with how my recent photos have turned out & I'm wondering when/if I will have time to go shoot before our summer trips.
In the midst of all of this bustle, I want to find time to let the kids create their summer "bucket-list" because I know its going to be back-to-school time before we know it.

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