Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Summer Bucket List

The kids didn't have homework last night so they decided to tackle their summer bucket list (yeah end of school year!). This marks one year of making seasonal bucket lists. Last year, I wrote out the list, but now the kids prefer to do it themselves. I love seeing their handwriting & creative spelling!

We use a glass photo frame and sharpie markers (they erase with window cleaner), but any type of visual display will work. The kids love checking items off the list & having a visual reminder is great when we are trying to plan activities for the week.

Here is what the kids came up with this year:

Eat pizza (dinner) at the neighborhood pool
Make a build-a-bear (someone's gift card is burning a hole in her pocket)
See a movie
Learn to tie shoes (Charlie)
Get ears pierced (Ella)
Zipline Tour
Do a swimming race in Indiana
Go on a hike
Take pictures of playing with glow sticks at night
Throw a party
Geo "cashing"
Make cookies
Play tag
Ride a tractor
Host a water fight
Go to Sea World
Go to the pool
Indoor Sky diving
Family bike ride
Get our nails done
Go rollerskating
Find an indoor trampoline 
Massage for Mom & Dad
Visit Dinosaur Ridge
Visit Art Museum
Play capture the flag
Go to the beach

I helped the kids talk about what they want to do on their trips this summer, what they wanted to do with grandparents & their neighborhood friends. I did veto two proposals (joining a T ball team & going to Germany) because I knew it wasn't possible with our travel schedule. Otherwise, the kids had free reign - Charlie proposed massages for us.  I wouldn't have thought to include it, but it sounds very appealing! It's interesting to hear what stands out in their mind from last year & what they are looking forward to. My next project is to help the kids create a more traditional family life list where we can add a trip to Germany and other longer term goals.

About 18 months ago I attended a photography conference and met a lot of amazing people. One of the photographers hosts a great family blog. If you are looking for inspiration for your list or an online community to share your summer experience, come join the fun!

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