Friday, June 21, 2013

Mega Campers

May was Powell Camping Month.  After Fruita, all the kids had scout sleepovers the same weekend. I headed out with Greta & her scout troop.
For this age group & size of the troop, a backyard tent adventure was PERFECT.  It helps that one of the leaders has an amazing back yard. I don't think we would fit in our yard.

The girls had a great time playing, meeting the horses, staying up late, roasting marshmallows, playing flashlight hide & seek & singing songs. We were home & showered by 10 am.  Perfect! 

Nick joined Charlie at the scout museum sleepover. I'm not going to sugar coat it - he complained so much about having to do this trip it was driving me nuts. But, they had a great time, Charlie thought it was magnificent and Nick said he slept better than he did in Fruita.All this meant that poor Ella was on her own for her camping adventure.
I'm not sure she missed us.

But, we sure missed her.

It sounds like the girls had a great time. Ella is disappointed that we didn't have time to schedule an overnight camp for her this summer - it's definitely a priority for next year.

We are so happy that the kids found great troops to join this year. It's added a nice new layer of friends for them & we've made some great memories!

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