Monday, June 24, 2013

Getting Down & Dirty

On the last day of school, we made the long, long, long trek down south to Durango, Colorado. We met up with our friends from Albuquerque on a reunion trip. It's crazy to think that a year ago, we had just sold our house & made an offer on our current home, Nick was already living in Colorado & we were gearing up for 6 weeks of camp in New Mexico before the move.

While the drive was twice as long, it was a much better trip traveling as a family this year. We were all very excited to meet up with friends & relax in a beautiful setting. I only used my cell phone for photos on this trip, so bear with me.

Ella & Greta helped make trail mix for the trip.

Ella & Kiley picked up right where they left off. Hopefully, we will get the girls together again this fall.

The arcade was still a favorite spot for the younger kids. Though, I do prefer when the kids play air hockey versus the hunting game.

We had a great weekend in the woods with friends. The kids loved swimming, getting dirty, hanging with friends, having sleepovers every night & just being outside all day. Not a bad first weekend of summer vacation.

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