Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Zippity Do Da

When we were in Durango, we took the crew zip-lining. One of my friends found a groupon to help make the experience more affordable. Along the hike to the first line, we encountered bear bones which was very exciting to our resident bearophile Ella. 

The worst part for the adults was the initial ladder climb & hanging out on the platforms.  Even though we were clipped in most of the time, it was still scary to be up so high on a platform that wiggled in the wind (not to mention when someone jumped on/off). I spent most of the time hugging a tree which made picture taking a little tricky. I debated bringing my good camera, but it would have been uncomfortable to have my big camera strapped to me (& I'm not sure they would have allowed it).

We were supposed to have extra guides on the trip to accommodate our large group, but supposedly someone didn't show up for work.  This meant our 2 hour trip took almost 5 hours - and we spent a lot of time just waiting on the platform which got really, really old.

As for the zipping, the kids took to it very quickly. It took the adults a few more runs. We did 6 runs in all. If the tour had gone on schedule, I think we would have added more. You need 1-2 runs to feel comfortable & then you can start doing being more adventurous - like free falling backwards or taking a running jump.

Our group ran from 4 years old (he did one solo zip) up to 60+.  Zipping itself is not very challenging. The hardest part was the steep hike & the ladder climb.  It was a fun family adventure - if it was more affordable, or someone else was paying, I would do it again.

Charlie was the first person to try the free fall. This was our second run when the adults were still trying to catch their breath and lower their heart rates. We were very impressed.

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