Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Go Mighty!

Jessica introduced me to the Go Mighty site. The purpose of the site is to "challenge your staus quo" to push you beyond your comfort zone,  create goals, etc.

One item on my life list is to bike across the Golden Gate Bridge. I really enjoyed our walk across the Brooklyn Bridge & the GGB seemed like a nice complimentary experience. I had a work meeting in San Francisco and my sister met me for a day before the work stuff started.

What I didn't realize is the trek across the bridge is the easy part. The hard part is getting from Fisherman's Wharf to the bridge.

The tour was sold as "easy terrain" on the website, but it had steep & challenging sections until you got to the bridge.

I would not want to bike the Brooklyn Bridge - waaay too many pedestrians. But, the Golden Gate Bridge was perfect. We were moving almost the entire time (only 1-2 bottlenecks), the bridge was busy, but not too crowded.

We stopped briefly on the other side to admire the view.
We made some new friends.

Then, we continued into Sausalito for a little refreshment before we took the ferry back to San Francisco. Round trip was about 4 hours. In hindsight, we would have kept going to Tiburon - we just didn't know how long the bike portion would be or if we could make it (we could have). Thanks Jessica for helping me cross an item off my life list!

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