Monday, June 10, 2013

Weekend Fun

After 6 weeks of being on the go, we had a weekend at home. It felt great and I'm ready to hit the road again this weekend with the kids.
We had a busy day with errands, gym time, house projects & a work party on Saturday. Ella was the only one who was willing to hike with me on Sunday. Nick kept busy with house projects while the twins had no excuse for not coming with us to the Flatirons.

We got an early start Sunday morning & finally found the trail I scoped out.  It was GORGEOUS.  Nice & shady for Rocky - it reminded me of Utah.  Unfortunately, the bears also like the trail.  With a bear sighting last week, no bear spray (does the stuff even work?) it didn't seem wise to take Ella & the pooch down a long, deserted trail I wasn't familiar with.
I need to get a Boulder, Colorado hiking guide because my back-up plan was to return to the same hike we took over Labor Day. Rocky did not need to be carried this time. He was bounding up the very steep rocks on the second trail we attempted.  My legs were burning from 8 minutes of wall sits at the gym on Saturday so I didn't protest too much when Ella suggested we turn around.

And we ended up the exact same trail we walked last fall. But, it was about 2 hours later than we had hoped & it was super hot. So, we called it a day & headed home.

But, not before cooling off.

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