Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Wine Tasting Adventure

When we were camping in Fruita, Colorado, the ladies took a day to go wine tasting.  My kind of roughing it.

The area in Southern Colorado is known for its sweet wines. Not really my fave type, but I still managed to bring three bottles home.

There is a 26 mile winery tour loop near Grand Junction, Colorado. We made it about 5 miles & needed to stop for lunch. 

After lunch we hit the Peach Street Distillers & that was all she wrote. It's hard to go back to sweet wine after brew pub food & mixed drinks. We tried the Copper Cabra (aka Moscow Mule in a copper cup).  I declared it my summer drink on the spot which means I better track down some ginger beer so I can have a second one before the summer is over.

After drinks, we headed into Grand Junction to take in the quaint town before meeting the Dads & kids for dinner. Somehow I doubt this photo is part of the convention center's circulation.  Even cute little artist towns have taggers I suppose.

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