Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Row, Row, Row

As summer vacation winds to an end, I'm trying to cull my photos to remember just what we did this summer. It was a summer on the go!
We spent a week in San Diego with my sister and tried paddle boarding. 
We got Grandpa up on the board.
Not ready to be shown up by Grandpa, Tucker tried it for the first time too.
San Diego
It was exhausting work.
Jessica & Uncle K are naturals and paddle with elegant balance.
The rest of us took a little while to get our sea legs.
But, if we had smaller boards & paddles, I am sure Charlie & Greta would have paddled on their own too.
Even Nick found his balance quickly (though the kids were certain he would fall in - he's never going to be allowed to forget his misstep in the canoe).
He got into a groove when the kids starting yelling to him & I heard Nick's stroke pick up.
He found a friend with bad dental work.
Nick was a bit unsure how his friend would react if he fell in the water. The extra motivation worked - Nick stayed dry.
Henry hung around for a bit heckling the boys before swimming off in search of dinner. I can see why this popular sport has taken off. If we lived close to water, I would want a board too - they are a nice aquatic equivalent to a walk along the beach.

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