Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Week in the Life: Monday

I have so many stories & photos to share from the last few months. I will get to them! This week, I am participating in a Week in the Life photo project. The end project will be 14 8.5X11 pages printed & put in an album.  I loved last year's project and can't believe how much the kids (and our life) has changed since last spring.

Here is a glimpse of our life yesterday.
He & Nick get back from a walk while I am getting food ready for the kids.
Three lunches, three snacks, three water bottles.  Ella's on a turkey sandwich kick these days.
One quick picture with Dad before he's out the door for the day.

Bus stop photo.

Breakfast (peach & swiss chard smoothie) and email time.
My sidekick for the day.
He's in the most photos.
He's wearing a leash because he was naughty.
His favorite time of the day.
This is why they are always sick at the same time.
Homework time.
Ella signed up for cross country this month. She's the only girl. I'm very proud of her for reaching outside her comfort zone (she prefers short sprints).
She carried her running shoes in her backpack because she didn't want to wear them to school.
Greta is loving having gymnastics all to herself this fall.
I got a little reading done during practice.
Dinner for the kids.
My sous chef.
A little Monday night football.
And then, some of us, called it a night.

I felt like I took a million photos yesterday, but I really didn't end up with many - maybe 30 for the day. I am curious what today brings.


Amber said...

What a lovely family. love the pup photos and the gymnastic's in action capture!

Poozoe said...

Ah, I love getting a little day-in-the-life with you! xoxo

LM said...

Love your lunchbox organization!
Came from ali's website.