Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Week in the Life: Tuesday

I still didn't take as many photos as I expected, but work tends to get in the way of these type of things. Here is our Tuesday in review.
Started the day with hot lemon water. It's no Starbucks, but it's cheaper & I feel better afterwards.
A bagelicious morning for the kids.
We are having rainy fall weather so Nick waterproofed the soccer shoes before he left for the day.
No, he's not allowed on the furniture. That's why he's not making eye contact.
My on-the-go photos are always blurry. At least the rain let up for the bus stop walk.
Early morning conference call.
Visit to the gym (I forgot to stop the monitor after class).
dirty puppy
A dirty puppy who wanted inside.
A load of laundry between phone calls.
go away UPS man
Guarding against the men in brown.
Decompressing after homework.
hidden treasures
"Mom, I'm pretty sure that Ava said if you save these wrappers, you can turn them in for gold."
adventure bear
Build-a-Bear adventure camp.
the long ride
I think it takes longer to get the bike out of the garage than it does to bike next door.
I found a self-timer for the iPhone so I could get in a pic or two today.
Catching up on a year of badges.
last pic as a daisy
The rain cancelled soccer practice so instead of needing to be three places at once, I only needed to go with Greta to her bridging up ceremony. I'll grab some pics of the ceremony from other parents.
naughty puppy
I think the rainy weather made everyone a little stir crazy today. The kids were bouncing off the wall for the babysitter. When I got back from my neighborhood event, the dog couldn't settle down. He doesn't like his routines interrupted & both Nick & I were gone tonight.
Nick was off connecting with his artistic side at a client event.
Another masterpiece to add to our collection.


nicole prather said...

love all your pictures !

Poozoe said...

LOVE that selfie of you!

Poozoe said...

LOVE the selfie! You look gorgeous!

shauna said...

I love this Blog. It is so inspiring......... WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!

shauna said...

I love your Blog Krista. It is so inspiring. I enjoy all of the photos. I never seem to take photos anymore... always running from place to place. I need to start. Maybe with one per week! Your life is fabulous! Miss you friend!