Friday, September 13, 2013

Week in the Life: Thursday

I will admit today I was a bit fatigued with this project.  The skies are gloomy.  I'm tired of the darkness in all the photos and I've been too busy at work to take pictures of the little details I thought I would capture this week. Today was a day that felt much like a repeat of Tuesday. I know it's downhill after today. I also know I will be happy with the finished project. So, here we go.
Choir is a before-school activity which is usually nice, but after last night, we were all dragging a bit. Still managed to get her out the door time.
I wasn't up for walking in the rain, so I dropped the kids off. Can you see the next project on Nick's to-do list? Replace the seat belts the puppy thought were a chew toy.
Screen Shot 2013-09-12 at 8.21.23 AM
Feeling especially grateful after seeing the damage around town today. This is not far from our home.
Hit the gym.

Got lots of these.
All after school activities & after care were cancelled today because of flooding concerns.  But, the kids & the dog are done being cooped up.  Four wet days is just too much. This is not Seattle!
It made me happy to see the girls playing outside.
I was still working when Nick got home so he took the kids out to dinner by his office. They were happily surprised by a world-class magician and $1 kids meals. The timing was perfect too since Nick had to go back into work to let the clean-up crew in (his office had some flooding after the rains).
Happy Friday everyone!


cinback said...

I feel for you in your flood zone. My town experienced the same thing earlier this spring. And you sure made the best of the dark lighting mentioned at te bginning of your post as your shots all look great!

sharon71 said...

Thanks for sharing. The photos of the kids are just lovely.

The flooding must be very scary. I live somewhere where we get huge Cyclones/Hurricanes, every summer we wait for the 'big one'.

michelle said...

Genius idea grabbing a screen shot of the flood warnings. Wish I would have thought of that! Hope you (and your house) stayed dry last week.