Monday, October 21, 2013

Go Mighty Or Go Home

I spent the weekend in Palm Springs with my sister at Camp Mighty. We came armed with our charity: water donations (the group raised over $20,000), life lists, a bathing suit & a space costume.
We stayed at the swanky Ace Hotel. I have never seen so many mustaches, fedoras or dogs lounging poolside. Thankfully, the attendees were very tolerant of my unhipster self!
Most of our time was spent listening to speakers & mixing with the other women. I really loved meeting all the people who came to the event. Everyone was so open, accepting and interesting. 

This was a gathering of people who live daily life as an adventure, are open to changing their personal story and up for just about anything. You always wanted to perform a "pop-up" event at a conference? Just ask & an audience appears.
I spent a lot of time this weekend thinking and creating. What do I want my personal story to be in the coming year? I'm excited about the possibilities and ideas churning in my head.
I appreciated having some quiet time to just think about what I wanted to change in my life (Nick heads out for his guy's trip this weekend). In the past three years, we have lived in three different cities and with each move I felt I left a little bit of me behind. I am working on reconnecting and sharing more of those forgotten parts of myself.
This is my top 5 list for the next year and I'm excited about the challenge. The little tags hanging from my list are names of people who want to share or support some aspect of my list.  I am not a New Year's Resolution person but for some reason, this exercise works for me. 

And, I think it was the most fun I have had at a costume party.
Jessica and I were perhaps too literal with our space costumes (she's the first monkey in space).

Everyone else understood that the invite meant to don a sparkly cocktail dress and fabulous wig! I have to say, my Leah wig photographed much better than it looked in person. 
Now, I am off to figure out how to create a virtual book club so I don't have to read Jane Austen alone.
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Poozoe said...

1. love your list
2. I love reading Jane Austen. Count me in.
3. you were in a photo with Maggie Mason!
4. so glad you had a fabulous and reflective time!
5. HUGS!