Monday, October 14, 2013

Broncos Fever

For Nick's birthday, I tracked down two of the hottest tickets in town. We were finally headed to our first NFL game. We followed the advice of the neighborhood veterans & took the bus to the stadium. Definitely the cheaper & faster option.

We were able to join the tailgate of some of our neighbors (though we didn't know 90% of the people there). It was a beautiful day. There was lots of orange & blue, huge Jenga sets, lots of corn hole games & several football tosses all around us.

We were told this is one of the nicest stadiums in the league. It seemed nice - though we don't really have anything to compare it to.

There were a lot of people headed to the game. After the Boston bombing, fans are only allowed to bring in clear bags to the stadium. We traveled light & only brought our phones. We were glad one of our neighbors sits in the same section as us - we had an escort to our seats.

Our seats were HIGH. It was dizzying to look across the field! Due to budget constraints, the Air Force  can no longer do flyovers.  But, we had 4 cool parachutists. 

Despite being so high (& forgetting my contacts), we were still able to enjoy the game.

The half time breast cancer celebration was very moving.

Today is rainy & cold so we are especially grateful for the beautiful weather we enjoyed.

Going to an NFL game was on both our of "life lists." I think going to the game adds to your "ownership" of the local team. You feel the excitement of the fans & the community spirit. We had to dig deep in our closets this week for orange garb - but I just invested in some Broncos wear (the kids are already on board with their T-shirts).

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Poozoe said...

super cute photo of you two. Happy Birthday to your main squeeze.