Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Run Baby Run

One month ago, she was a sprinter.
One month ago, she didn't think she could run a mile.
One month ago, she reluctantly agreed to try cross country one time.
One month ago, she was the only girl who showed up for the first cross country practice.
On Sunday, she and two classmates entered a one mile cross country meet.
On Sunday, her competitive instinct took over.
On Sunday, she pushed herself outside her comfort zone.
On Sunday, she fought through the pain & finished strong.
With only three practice runs, she ran fast enough to medal at the meet.
She says she still prefers sprinting and we really don't care if she never runs another mile race. But, now she knows she can. And, with a time of 6:42, there still might be a long distance runner hiding inside of her.

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Poozoe said...

Go Ella!! It is so great for her to see that she can push herself!