Friday, May 09, 2014

Greetings from the future

It's tomorrow where I am. 
I was a bit nervous. I was flying to an Asian city alone & with no local currency. I often get nervous flying in the US and I had just read a trip advisor review of a gentleman who recounted his experience with all the ATMs being out of service at the Hong Kong airport. My expectations of making it to the hotel without several panic attacks were low.

Thankfully, the flight was uneventful (though cramped) and second ATM I tried worked. I did OK on a plane for 14 hours by myself (Philomena  & Her are two of my favorite Oscar movies from last year). I got a taxi to my hotel & checked in without any issues. All of the airport signs in Hong Kong are also in English (Hong Kong is a former British Colony). 

I went on a tour today. On a clear day, you can have beautiful views from Victoria Peak.  This is what I saw today.  It's crazy rainy & foggy here. I didn't see the sun all day & it looks like I might not see it again until I leave the country.

I made a last minute target travel size aisle call to add sunscreen to my packing list. After all, Hong Kong is tropical so they surely have a lot of bugs here.  Despite double bagging, everything I brought smells like bug spray. And, I haven't seen a single bug yet.

I was super proud that I navigated my way home from the convention center by myself via subway & without a map.  Now, to plan out tomorrow morning's adventures.

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Poozoe said...

I'm SUPER proud of you!