Wednesday, July 09, 2014

San Diego Ranunculus Fields

Well, I'd say I fell slightly  short of my post-a-day goal for May. 
Let's move forward by looking back at our spring break adventures.  I found a great deal on tickets, but Nick was just starting a new job & couldn't take time off so the kids & I jetted off to visit Aunt J & Uncle K in California.
We found a lot of new half day adventures.
Including the AMAZING ranunculus fields adjacent Legoland.  So close & yet so far.
We learned that the blooms are staggered throughout the season to ensure many visitors can enjoy the beauty.
And, of course, the fields are not limited to just ranunculus. 
Ella especially loved the orchid display.
I couldn't get enough of the fields.
They had a game set up for kids - they ran around & collected passport stamps at different stations.
We arrived early to avoid the heat and spent about an hour or so wandering the gardens and
admiring the pretty fields. I was trying to figure out if  Uncle K could fly us over the garden so I could capture an aerial rainbow view.
When we got hungry, we headed over to a pick-your-own strawberry field. I have so many childhood memories of picking fruit and I was excited to share this adventure with my kids.
I don't remember the strawberry fields looking like this.
Our little worker bees were busy. 
Our bucket was overflowing - so much so that they charged us an extra dollar. Our manual labor cost us about three times what we would pay at Costco.
But, we had fun & Aunt Jessie made fresh strawberry shakes with whipped cream  to give us enough energy to sit on the beach all afternoon. 

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