Friday, July 11, 2014

San Diego Tide Pools

The weather during our visit was not that great. In fact, I think it was warmer & sunnier in Denver.

Sometimes the sun came out by early afternoon & warmed us up. We looked for morning activities to keep us busy. A favorite was a trip to La Jolla to enjoy the tide pools.

Within 30 seconds of arrival, Greta slipped & completely soaked her clothes. Did I mention it was darn cold? I convinced her to shed her wet clothes & wear my sweatshirt. 

After that, everyone stayed low to the ground when traversing the slick rocks.

There may or may not be a crab or baby octopus in this photo.

The kids had so much fun exploring.

And I had fun taking pictures of so many interesting things.

Uncle K is king of the sea.

The kids were mesmerized by all that he showed them.

It was one of those magical days when homeschooling and unschooling seem realistic. All three were engaged, curious & happy with each other.

Can you see the seals napping in the background?

We spent a few hours in the pools & jumping the waves until the tide started coming in and we started getting hungry. These pools will definitely be high on the kids list on our return visit.

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