Friday, June 26, 2015

Celebrate Sunshine!

The past three weeks have been unusually rainy so we are welcoming every blue sky we see.

Reading: Code Name Verity - historical fiction, but young adult so it's a fun, fast read (me), Bedknobs & Broomsticks (Charlie), The Eighth Day (Ella after Charlie), Penelope Crumb (Greta). Hello summer reading challenge.

Eating: lots of watermelon and yogurt 

Dreaming: of beaches (adventure soon awaits!)

Packing: for overnight camp - it's coming up soon

Planning: Fourth of July celebrations and camping plans

Training: for the kids mini triathlon. swimming often & planning a long bike ride

Trapping: lots of flies. Rocky likes to stretch on our back screen & we haven't fixed all the big holes yet.

Remembering: all the adventures on our recent trip to Indiana 

Watching: Inside Out 

Celebrating: a weekend regained - Ella opted out of a gymnastics meet this weekend so we have two days to relax and regroup after Indiana.

Enjoy your weekend!

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