Friday, July 03, 2015

St. Mary's Glacier

I have my own Summer Bucket List. It doesn't have a lot of items on it, but one thing I really wanted to do was hike this summer. I thought maybe my hike at Mt. St. Helens would be all that I would do given the kids schedule this year. I was very happy that twins & I were able to join the boy scout hiking group this month. 
We visited St. Mary's Glacier near Idaho Springs. It took just under an hour and thirty minutes to arrive at the trailhead. The parking lot was a few miles past where Siri thought it was. You can't miss it along the main road. Be sure to bring $5 for parking. The entire hike is loose rocks so that was a challenge for me & my recovering foot.

We took our first water break about half way up. It was steep & the elevation is high, but even the four year old in our group made it. I was hoping the trail followed this nice somewhat flat path.

But, instead, you continue up!

It took us about 40 minutes to reach the lake - it's a great hike for beginners. Rocky was especially glad to see the water. He's never been a fan of swimming, but I think he would have tried today if he had been off leash.

The view at the lake is very beautiful. The lake is formed from the glacier run off. I tried to find information about this glacier. I always thought that a glacier accumulates snow & ice faster than it melts and that a glacier is always moving. But, wikipedia says this is a semi-permanent snow peak which sounds inconsistent with a "glacier". 

The kids had fun scrambling over the rocks & enjoying the area.

As we kept walking, the view kept improving.

As you can see, like everywhere I've been in Colorado, you are never alone. Greta & I stopped here for a while. 

Charlie's enthusiasm had faded.

Greta, Rocky & I wanted to touch the snow! Rocky really wanted to run & play with the other dogs.

The view was so amazing!

The rest of our group (less the 4 year old & his mom) kept going up the peak. But, I didn't trust my foot on the snow or loose rocks with Rocky. Next time!

Eventually, we coaxed Charlie into the snow.

The way down was not too bad. It took us about 30 minutes to get back to the parking lot. We left the trailhead about 9 & had no problem with parking. When we got back to our car at 10:30, the lot was totally full. Arrive early & enjoy.
May your holiday weekend be filled with great adventures!

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