Friday, June 05, 2015

Summer Bucket List 2015

Summer 2015 has started.

The weather has been more cold & rainy than usual. My first planned camping outing with Greta was moved to a backyard when the forecast for the Girl Scout campground looked ominous. 
We've found pockets of sunshine in which to enjoy the neighborhood pool. Charlie & Greta have even enjoyed their first pizza at the pool evenings.

Ella has taken on the role of mowing the front yard - much to Nick's delight. With these crazy rain storms we've been having, the back yard is still too swampy for her to navigate.

The kids have brainstormed & created their summer hopes & goals:

Rockies Game
Ice Cream in Indiana
Earn a "9" at a gymnastics meet
Pizza at the pool
Ice Cream at Cold Stone
See the movie Home
Go to the Bay
Paddle Board
Water balloon fight
Photo session
Weekend in the mountains
Padre Game
Picnic at the Wildlife Refuge
Build a sandperson/castle
Have a lemonade stand for Uganda
Cherry pit spitting contest
food trucks
volunteer at the food bank
Finish reading 3rd Harry Potter out loud
Watch 3rd Harry Potter movie
Go to Rec Center
Driving Range 
Library Challenge
Outdoor movie
Family bike ride
Swim in Grandpa's pool
Battle Dartz

It's going to be a summer of grand adventures!

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