Friday, June 12, 2015

Summer Sports

The kids have branched out this year with their summer sport selections and it has been fun.

Ella decided to try competitive gymnastics. She's doing great at her current level. Now, we are trying to see if we can rearrange our summer plans to get to the regional meet next month.

Down in front!
Vault was her highest score last weekend - very impressive form.
Charlie joined a flag football team and was very pleased to discover that he knew many of his teammates from school. And yes, this ball was dropped - but I liked the action shot.
I think he spends all recess playing football. Needless to say, I got a big hug when I {finally remembered to} registered him this spring. He loves to run & play quarterback (what boy doesn't)?

Greta is following in her mama & sister's footsteps and joined a softball team.

She's got a great arm, good swing & she runs like the wind. Here she is rounding third & heading home to score!

It has worked out great that lessons at the golf course is a 5 minute drive away & swim lessons are just steps away. It hasn't been easy to keep up with the kids this summer. But, we are having fun and keeping busy. 

Next up, a visit to Indiana. The kids are over the top excited to see what adventures they will have this year.

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Poozoe said...

My gymnast heart sings seeing Ella in a leo!!