Friday, July 31, 2015

Indiana Summers

When our kids talk about their summer highlights, Indiana is always at the top of the list. They get some funny looks. That's ok, we will just leave it as our secret.
We spent our days at gymnastics camp,
soccer camp,

and in the pool (though I worked more than I anticipated).

We visited with Grandma's sister.
The kids went non-stop down Grandpa's slide

though the kids did take a break to use the diving board too. We have lots of grumpy Charlie pictures this summer.
We took lots of turns on the tractor and went on a nice long hike along the creek.

We found a turtle and moved him off Grandpa's driveway.
We tried gooseberries (sour!) and laughed when the Amish lady encouraged us to find recipes to use them on the Internet.

Ella's cookies were much better than the gooseberries!
We explored the Farmer's Market and did A LOT of back to school shopping. Thank goodness for extra suitcases and bags fly free!
The kids just keep growing. I think Ella needed an entirely new wardrobe. 

We had an ice cream sundae bar

played with friends 

and took lots of walks.
We would have preferred more sunny days, but we still enjoyed our visit this year.

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