Friday, August 07, 2015

Holiday World

We spent one day in Indiana at Holiday World. I knew the kids would like it, but I didn't realize how MUCH they would love it. The first roller coaster we rode was a doozy. That was enough for me for the day! I stuck to water rides.

I didn't take many photos at the park. Once we started in the waterpark, the phone went in the locker. We arrived when the main park opened and rode a few rides before the water park opened.

If you are going to do the waterpark, I recommend arriving wearing your swimwear. You really don't need a towel - you won't be carrying it around with you. You dry as you go and have one towel to share at the end of the day. 

You can't bring any food or drinks into the park. Drinks (water, soft drinks, lemonade) and sunscreen are free.

The food is typical expensive park food. The kids had a lot of fun at the water park. Charlie & Ella loved the rough water rides. Greta preferred to hang with Grandpa in the wave pool. 

The water park lines were super long. After a 45 minute wait at a ride, the kids gave up & headed back to the amusement park. You have to be dry & wearing clothes to get back on the rides.

It was the right choice - no one was in the amusement park & they kept running onto the rides. I think they rode more rides in the last hour than they did the rest of the day.

We spent 6 hours in the park & the kids would have stayed longer. They declared it better/bigger than Elitch Gardens in Denver. Neither park is cheap (especially when you multiply admission by 4). We stopped by Wendy's on the way home & found good coupons for Holiday World - we will have to remember that for next time! 

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