Friday, November 06, 2015

Mount Rushmore - Part 2

After leaving Mount Rushmore, we started heading back toward our hotel. We stopped at Bear Country where we learned that these elks are considered the most dangerous animals in the park.

Apparently, it was mating season so the elk were very protective of the herd. Though, none of the animals seemed phased by our presence.

We enjoyed seeing the wolves and marveling how much they look like dogs.

Bear Country is a drive-through zoo. The animals have a nice habitat and seemed content with their surroundings.

A little bit better photo of a cousin of the sheep we saw at Mount Rushmore.

The cats were separated from our cars by cages. But, all other animals were free to roam.

Of course, the most amazing part was the bears.

They really look uncomfortable when they walk. It's hard to believe they can move so quickly. 

The bears were feasting on hamburger buns. If my photoshop skills were better, I would turn that bread into a salmon for a more authentic look.

After the bears, you can visit a mini walking zoo with smaller animals and babies.

These little ones were frolicking happily when we drove by on the way to Mt. Rushmore and were all tuckered out by the time we visited.

The grizzly bear is not part of the drive through experience. Hard to remember that these guys are so much more ferocious than the other bears. We were happy he came out of his cave while we were visiting. We spent a little over an hour at Bear Country and everyone enjoyed the experience. 

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