Friday, November 13, 2015

Mount Rushmore - Part 3

After Bear Country, the kids were ready for lunch but we had one more stop we wanted to make before heading back to Rapid City. There really aren't any restaurants between Bear Country and Rapid City.
We made our last stop at Reptile Gardens. We timed our arrival perfectly with the bird show.

We even had two co-stars in our presence. 

After the show, we wandered the gardens enjoying the snakes, prairie dogs and crocs.

Even in mid-October, the gardens were beautiful.

Seeing/touching these old tortoises was a highlight of the trip.

It was funny how they would stretch so that the kids could rub their necks.

We would have spent a bit more time in the garden if the kids weren't hungry. But, it was time to head to Rapid City for lunch. After our late lunch we rested in the hotel for about an hour before going to the adjacent water park. The kids spent HOURS playing at the park. Best $5 spent on the trip. We ended up eating dinner poolside (food was about what you would expect). By 7 am the next morning, we were on our way back to Denver.

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