Sunday, July 22, 2007

Le Tigre

Nick has been helping Ella practice her golf & softball swings. He has been very impressed with her talent & she loves this time with her Dad. Hogan eventually got banished to the house because he was feeling slighted that Ella chose golf over frisbee.
Ella had a non-stop weekend. On Saturday, she patiently waited until lunch time to attend her new friend Aidan's 4th birthday party at Bouncing Off the Walls. And yes, all of the kids were bouncing off the walls by the end of the party. We got to meet some parents of Ella's classmates which was nice, and even better, we had a chance to visit with some friends we usually only have time to wave to during the week. All of the kids fell asleep in the car, so we ran some errands to extend their nap.
Last night was the dinner group. Ella was thrilled to tag along & play with Abby, Zoe, Joe & Alec. The evening was topped off with an early firework display (Tuesday is a State holiday). Greta & Charlie stayed home with Sarah, a teacher from school. It is so reassuring to see their big smiles when they see her come in the house.

Ella fluctuates between wanting to be a vet & a photographer. She took this one of Nick practicing for today's tee time (by his account, it didn't help. Of course, I don't think he is ever happy with how he played).
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