Thursday, July 19, 2007

Under Pressure

Last month, Johannes and Alison stayed with us. They commented on how powerful the shower was in the guest bath. We didn't think much of their comment (other than the fact the city-folk obviously weren't used to mountain living). Last week, Nick came home & found our shower running. We couldn't get it to turn off. After some investigating, Nick suspected our pressure reducing valve was broken & he was right. Our pressure was twice what it was supposed to be. Since the increase was gradual, we didn't notice the change. Now that everything is back to normal, it feels like we are taking a shower with a garden hose. You can see how wimpy Clifford now looks. The water was all the way on & he is barely sprouting any water. I suppose we should be greatful we didn't have any damage to the house (we are still waiting for our water bill!)
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