Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Oh Happy Day!

It has not been the best week at work. It helps to have happy, silly kids (and of course Nick!) to come home to. A few other things have helped me smile this week. Last night, I went to a Ladies Who Launch event with a friend. Two of my friends are featured in a Wasatch Woman Magazine article about the group. It was so inspiring to feel the energy of all of the entrepreneurs in the midst. Now, Jessica & I just need to decide what to "launch."
Today, I found these fabulous photos in my email. My friend Kari took these priceless photos during Ella's ballet class. She really loves the classes & since they are during the day, we don't get to see her in action. I love seeing how serious Ella is. I don't think I could have captured these images since Ella would act differently in my presence. Her friend Hope is in the blue leotard. Kari, thank you again for thinking of me!
To top off my night, I got to talk to my friend Monica & hear about life with a newborn. Hopefully I will get to meet her darling boys soon. As hard as it can be to watch the kids growing so fast, I am happy we are through that tough newborn stage. I am sending good wishes her way that little Luke decides to start sleeping longer at night.
Hope your week has been full of little things that make you smile!
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