Friday, February 08, 2008

Driving Miss Greta

The boxes from Costco always provide a few hours of entertainment. Charlie & Ella are happy at least until Greta starts to cause trouble. Ella was pushing Charlie around when Greta walked over & squeezed in. That move annoyed Charlie. Then, she went for the sweet spot & grabbed his paci.

Everyone stayed home today. Greta was running a fever yesterday at school. She doesn't seem sick, so we are keeping our fingers crossed that she is teething. Ella only had a half-day & it didn't seem worth the effort to get everyone to & from school in a span of 3 hours. We went to the library where I made the mistake of thinking I could take the twins inside without the stroller. Charlie wandered off & Greta was calling for him as loudly as she could (she says "BOO?!"). Usually, when it is time to settle down & go, I strap them in the stroller. Today, I was running after them while my hands were full of books & videos. In the parking lot, I had a bag of books, Charlie on one hip & I held onto Greta by her coat collar. She was so excited to be running with Ella, she was ready to take off through the parking lot. I guess they need the experience of not being in a stroller, but it was exhausting!

Tonight, Jessica & Nick will be taking the kids to the Children's Museum for a special Sesame Street exhibit about the body while I attend a different meeting. Nick & Ella are hoping to get out skiing again tomorrow. It is a beautiful (but cold) day here today.
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