Tuesday, September 30, 2008

To Market, To Market

Ugh, the stress of the stock market & parenthood is too much right now. Let's talk about something fun. This weekend, Kevin & Jessica came with me & the kids to Park Silly - an artists market in Park City. It's really fun to eavesdrop on Ella's conversations with her aunt & uncle. All of the kids adore Jes & Kevin, but Ella has a special bond. She was catching Kevin up on her life when I overheard her saying something about Tyrone being really cute but a little bossy. Then she assured Kevin that, no, SHE was not bossy. I was scanning my memory to try to remember who this little boy was. I didn't remember his name from her class roster. I was hoping it wasn't another older boy. I made a note to ask Kevin for more details.
The market was quite the spectacle. I didn't realize it was an eco-friendly event - only recycling bins are present. Next time, we will pack garbage bags. Popsicle sticks & wrappers are sticky!
The silliest thing we saw - a sheep being walked like a dog (I wasn't fast enough to maneuver the camera with 2 strollers to capture a picture in the crowd)! The most unexpected? An anti-Obama t-shirt in typically democratic-centric Park City (No Socialism, No Communism, NObama). Of course, with this bipartisan bailout, I don't think either side can throw out the socialism accusation anymore. Oh, who am I kidding, there is no accountability in Washington. It's always the other party's fault. I'm ready for the elections to be over so Congress can get back to work without worrying about their immediate job security.
The leaves are starting to turn - with October coming, it might be time to start packing away the summer clothes! Cool days are sure to come quickly.
By the time we got home, the twins were exhausted. Ella asked to watch the backyardagins - Charlie's favorite show (lots of catchy tunes). I was very happy to discover that one of the animals is named Tyrone - mystery solved. Now, do yourself a favor and repeat after me "I will not look at my portfolio today."

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