Monday, January 03, 2011

Movin' On Up

We cheered on the Lady Lobos last week. It was a momentous night on several counts.

We've been here less than 2 months & already hanging out with celebrities. This is Louie the Lobo. What we do without camera phones (miss photographing these celebrity encounters I suppose).
His sister Lucy didn't make it past us this night, but Nick met her recently.

It was Charlie's first live basketball game (he was so excited).
Me: Hey Charlie, what do you think of the players? They are pretty good, aren't they?
Charlie: I'm better.

No ego issues here.  But, it wasn't only the Lobos' win that we celebrated, we were also so excited that Greta had an entirely appropriate public outing! Woot woot!
What a fabulously fun family night on the town - we're looking at the schedule to take in a few other games this season.

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