Friday, May 20, 2011

What's On Your List?

My friend Shauna introduced me to the Gretchen Rubin &  The Happiness Project.  I signed up to receive daily inspirational quotes via email.  It's a nice first email to read in the morning while sipping your coffee.
Today's quote reminded me of a great presentation that I heard earlier this year. A big theme in photography this year is that to be a better photographer, be a better person. Mike Larson, an amazing California wedding photographer, shared that many of us have "to do" lists, but not enough of us have "to be" lists.  He showed us his favorite photo that he keeps near his desk. In the photo, he's playing guitar while looking lovingly at his wife & his wife is laughing.  His inspirational photo reminds him that he wants to be a thoughtful husband who makes his wife laugh every day.
I love the idea of having a 'to be' list. With three young kids sometimes our life feels like we are just running from place to place - school to homework to practice to bath to sleep. Finding a way to slow down & enjoy the few calm minutes we have in a day is important - and it's on my list this week.
  Being a more thoughtful & gracious person can start with the way you respond and interact with the people you see every day - from your barista to your family & friends. So, what's on your 'to be' list this weekend?


Poozoe said...

I have thought so much about this post. I want to be someone who is present in each moment.

shauna said...

Excellent Krista --- I love the Happiness Project and reading the daily emails. I am also reading the book (slowly).