Monday, April 15, 2013

Hello Spring

After last week's snow storm, we had a little taste of spring this weekend.
We had to split up to cover all the games this weekend. 
It was a bit windy, but at least the grass is starting to get green.
We squeezed in a few workouts of our own too. My legs are very tired after 4 days of barre class in a row. But, I am hoping it pays off when I visit Jessica and try to keep up with her in class.
Our neighbor graduated from a nutrition institute this week so we prepared a special bouquet for the occasion. 
We had a fun night toasting to her success while the kids had an equally fun time playing with a babysitter. 
And so another week begins. Ella tried to pack all her pants away for the summer.  Since, we  are expecting snow again Monday & Tuesday, I think her efforts might be just a little premature.

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