Monday, April 01, 2013

Tween Birthday Party

Someone turned 10 recently & needed a suitably fabulous party for her celebration.

She nixed the sleepover & decided to host a brunch for her friends. Girlfriend likes her sleep too much. Plus, Rocky is the type of guest who would get right in there & cuddle with everyone whether they like dogs or not.

The cake batter pancakes made a great conversation piece.

Ella put together her musical play list for background music during the party.  The party started with a photo booth with plenty of props. I let the girls use my instant camera and my little point & shoot. Plus, half the girls had their own smart phone.

The girls decorated frames to hold photos from the party.  We painted the frames before the party (I used chalkboard paint for the first time) & let them add jewels. My thought was that we would send a digital print to everyone, but the girls preferred instamax prints. 

The finger tattoos were a big hit.

We had a cereal bar, bacon, blueberry muffins, fruit skewers

and a very popular hot chocolate bar with toppings.

For the past few years, instead of receiving gifts from her friends, Ella has hosted a stuffed animal exchange.

After photos, the gift exchange, frame decorating, lots of bacon & hot chocolate, the girls were ready for a dance off. Two hours was the perfect time frame for the party. Ella was very happy with how the party turned out.

In case you were curious:

Number of girls: 9
Number of glasses of OJ: 2
Number of fruit skewers eaten: 5
Number of mugs of cocoa: 9
Number of bacon slices consumed: 832
Number of napkins used: 0
Bowls of cereal eaten: 3
Number of times I heard I'm Gonna Pop Some Tags: 7
Cans of whipped topping needed: 1
Slices of cake eaten: 3
Number of times I heard "Trouble" by Taylor Swift: 5
Number of One Direction Songs Played: 8
Number of Justin Bieber Songs Played: 0
Rolls of Instant Film Used: 6
Digital Photos Taken: 83

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Poozoe said...

The party looks AMAZING!!! Looooooove all the beautiful details. Ella looks so grown up. And your redesign is very beautiful!